Augmented Reality in Furniture Industry

Augmented Reality (AR) in today’s world has made things really easy for people and contributing amazingly to things like online shopping by providing designing, modelling, prototypes for products to customers without having the need of physical presence. Hence it has been proved to be a boon to business world. The concept of Augmented Reality, since it has been emerged, has given a different approach to everything and the furniture business is not left out from its influence. Its time for the furniture industry to shine as what the possibilities that AR brings to the table is beyond exceptional. Provided cost reduction, AR has given a new look to the world’s furniture business.

AR outlays virtual animated objects to the real environment creating personalized shopping experience for their customers.

It also allows customers to make decisions based on what they see and what conforms to their taste and without necessarily exempting the persuasive approach to sales because it has been designed to combine buying with entertainment and interaction in a very modern way. AR has been proven to be a very influencing in boosting sales and being at the forefront of modern technology its benefits to the furniture industry is beyond belief. The fact that retailers are able to showcase their products virtually and it allows customers test how an item will look in their homes or offices gives the retailer a competitive advantage over others still using the contemporary methods. Its trials are totally risk free. The AR applications have also provided a whole new insight into marketing in the furniture industry. Additionally, with the help of animations to test how an item fits in provides exciting approach to the furniture business whilst still offering relevant product information and helpful 3D experiences to catch customer’s interest in any product.

With AR gradually becoming an inevitable part of online shopping, it simplifies the decision making of the customers by assisting them to choose from the comfort of their homes. To state a few examples of how the AR technology has started to benefit to the business of Industry here we will discuss about the company of IKEA. The world is fully buying into this idea as the development of standard AR applications hits amazing new heights now.

Applications like the IKEA allows to build a live living room, bedroom and Kitchen design and renovation ideas for you that further increases sales and engagement for the company.

IKEA gives the customer a sense and quality of different products, it helps a buyer and interior decorators to virtually experience how an item fits into a room and generally help build a classic prototype of the possible future of a space. With the help of such applications, users can select and evaluate items using a dimensional tool to check sizes and configure any furniture set that fits directly into their space. It offers extensive product data on kitchenware, electronics and clothing using your smart phone to try out furniture in your exact setting. AR in today’s world offers a wide range of benefits in furniture online retail and this game-changer has built more confidence with customers about buying products online than going, seeing and shopping.

Augmented Reality is serving businesses in a new way by educating the users about their products and engaging the customers to their products in a very meaningful way. AR in furniture is a smart way to connect potential users. It creates a more streamlined, enjoyable shopping user experience in a whole new way to transform the business.

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