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By | September 20, 2016

JNTU KAKINADA 3-2 Previous question papers :-

                    Hi all…welcome to jntuinfo…here you can find previous question papers for all branches and for all year students.Here in this block you can find previous year question papers for students who are appearing for 3rd year 2nd semester. In entire four year course of engineering third year is very important because they will be having campus placements.In order to prepare for campus placements,students will not have enough time to study the entire portion completely.For those students, jntuinfo collected so many previous year papers and placed under single place.As previous year question papers help to gain good enough marks in exams jntuinfo is providing those to you students to help you in preparing for your exams.Here you can find the link to download all previous year question papers for 3rd years 2nd semester students.here we are providing the papers collection subject wise for students convictions. scroll down and get your links .and we are providing these links subjects wise for each branch jntuinfo is always ready to best stuff to students so we made lot of effort on this 3-2 previous question papers and and fined outed lot of years papers . exclusively for 3-2 students and  students if you get any problems wile downloading the papers are any problems regarding to this 3-2 previous question papers you can contact our web site jntuinfo.


jntu kakinada 3-2 previous question papers


JNTUK 3-2 Civil Previous question papers :-

  1.   GEOTECHNICAL ENGINEERING – I                     click here  
  3. DESIGN AND CONCRETE STRUCTURES-2            click here  
  4. WATER RESOURCES ENGINEERING                      click here  
  5. TRANSPORTATION ENGINEERING                         click here  
  6. DESIGN & DRAWING OF STEEL STRUCTURE      click here  

JNTUK 3-2 EEE Previous question papers :-

  1. ELECTRICAL MACHINE DESIGN                                    click here  
  2. POWER SYSTEM ANALYSIS                                              click here  
  3. UTILIZATION OF ELECTRICAL ENERGY                      click here  
  5.   POWER SEMI CONDECTOR DRIVES                            click here  
  6. MANAGEMENT SCIENCE                                                   click here  

JNTUK 3-2 ECE Previous question papers :-

  1. COMPUTER NETWORKS                                                      click here  
  2. MICROWAVE ENGINEERING                                             click here  
  3. DIGITAL SIGNAL PROCESSING                                          click here  
  5. VLSI DESIGN                                                                             click here  
  6. MANAGEMENT SCIENCE                                                     click here  

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JNTUK B.Tech 1-1 Sem (R13) Regular/ Supply Exam Question papers Nov/Dec 2015

JNTUK 3-2 MECH Previous question papers :-

  1. METROLOGY                                                                                   click here  
  2. ROBOTICS                                                                                         click here  
  3. HEAT TRANSFER                                                                            click here  
  4. INSTRUMENTATION & CONTROL SYSTEM                          click here  
  5. DESIGN OF MACHINE MEMBERS -2                                       click here  

JNTUK 3-2 CSE Previous question papers :-

  1. ADVANCED COMPUTER NETWORKING                       click here  
  2. COMPUTER ARCHITECTURE                                            click here  
  3. DESIGN AND ANALYSIS OF ALGORITHMS                   click here  
  4. UNIX PROGRAMMING                                                         click here  
  5. ADVANCED JAVA &WEB TECHNOLOGY                        click here  
  6. MANAGEMENT SCIENCE                                                     click here